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Mucky Paws Harrogate. HG3 1AB

Terms and Conditions

 Own Risk

we endeavour to make all pets stay here as pleasant as possible, and we will take every care and consideration with your pet. However it must be noted that animals can be unpredictable, and therefore Mucky paws cannot be held responsible for unforeseen occurrences. As our policy is to walk all dogs around the fields twice a day. They must be fitted with a securely fastened collar that they cannot pull their head out of, which must have an identity tag.



you are very welcome to bring your own bedding and toys, however if they are lost or damaged, Mucky Paws cannot be held responsible, as we are happy to provide both.


 Health and Welfare

It is owners responsibility to inform us of any health concerns or behavioural issues. And to update the information provided regarding your pet. Any pet requiring Veterinary attention, will be taken to own vet, but if unavailable or great distance, they will be taken to Parkhill vets in Wetherby.


 Vaccinations Dogs

All dogs must be vaccinated against, Parvo Virus, Distemper, Hepatitis and Leptospirosis disease. We only accept dogs who have also have protection against canine infectious bronchitis ( also known as kennel cough )Proof of up to date vaccinations will be requested when dropping your pet off.


 Vaccinations Cats

All cats must be vaccinated against feline enteritis, and feline flu. Proof of up to date vaccinations will be requested when dropping your pet off.



if medication is to be administered, this will be undertaken providing your pet will accept it without resistance, and can be given by a person who does not hold a veterinary certificate. this will be completed at a surcharge. It is owners responsibility to provide correct information about the medication, including times, route of administration, the reason for the medication and any potential side effects.



Pets booked on the same booking will share the same Kennel/Cattery. If you want separate kennels, you must make separate bookings. Where it is requested that multiples of pets share a unit from the same household, any problems that occur are owners risk. Mucky paws reserve the right to separate pets if they feel its unsafe for them to be housed together.



At the time of booking a 25% non-refundable deposit will be taken. If booking within 1 week of proposed stay the full balance will be taken. Cancellation must be advised a minimum of a week prior to the expected date of arrival, cancellations after this will incur the full cost of the proposed stay.


 Data Privacy

personal information collected on this booking system, is for the sole use of Mucky Paws Boarding Kennels and Cattery only. Your information is stored securely and not shared with any third parties. By agreeing to our terms and conditions, you give Mucky Paws permission to use the information you provide should the need arise.